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Vol 4, No 11 (2018)

Published: 2018-11-13

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Ayodeji, Emmanuel A., PhD, Ajala, Rosemary Bukola
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Page 362-378


Ayodeji, Emmanuel A., PhD, Adediran, Adewale Gbolagade
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Dr. Chaiyaset Promsri
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Women’s Education: A Case Study of Female Education in Rural Areas of District Budgam in Jammu and Kashmir
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The Use Of Instructional Materials At The Kindergarten Level To Help Children Own Their Own Knowledge
56 | Journal of Advances in Social Science and Humanities
Impact Of Online Shopping On Conventional Retail Stores In South Goa (India): An Empirical Study
54 | Journal of Advances in Social Science and Humanities
The Effect of Agricultural Productivity on Economic Growth in Nigeria
31 | Journal of Advances in Social Science and Humanities
Industrialization and economic growth relationship in Nigeria
29 | Journal of Advances in Social Science and Humanities