The Use Of Instructional Materials At The Kindergarten Level To Help Children Own Their Own Knowledge


The study sought to find the various instructional materials used at the kindergarten (KG) level; to ascertain the extent to which the materials are interactive and how often these materials are used in the teaching and learning process. Observation and interview were used in gathering data from 26 kindergarten teachers. It was found that KG teachers used variety of instructional materials; such as crown corks, sea shells, boxes and cans. It was also found that they often use the instructional materials during teaching and learning and that the materials are interactive due to the fact that it enables the pupils to understand a concept better. It is therefore recommended that teachers should endeavour to use other types of instructional materials such as audiovisual aids to advance the teaching and learning process. Again, teachers should use variety of instructional materials and teaching methods instead of sticking to one particular material and process during teaching. Also, in-service training should be organised for teachers to enable them prepare appropriate instructional materials and also make an impact in the classroom.