Belis As Symbolic Meaning Of Marriage In Lio Ethnic District at Aewora Village at Maurole District in Ende Regency

    Dr. Zainur Wula Affiliation


The problem of this research is how belis as symbolic meaning of marriage in Lio ethnic district at Aewora village in Ende regency?. Research purposes (1) to describe belis as the symbolic meaning as the position of social marital status of Lio ethnic at Aewora village in Ende regency (2) Belis as symbolic meaning as self-esteem the dignity of man. The study is qualitative, and data analysis is Descriptive.

The results showed that belis for Lio ethnic in every marriage has a symbolic significance as a social status. This meaning is embodied belis from the male to the female (from ata kaki to ata fai) as demand of female family. Large or small of belis that given as symbolizes the social status of a man in the form of gold, money, horses, buffalo, cows. Belis for Lio ethnic has the meaning of self-esteem, dignity and worth of a man (ata feet). If in the marriage belis not given or given in small quantities or not in accordance with the desired of the family and relatives of women (ata fai), so the man (husband) in the presence of the woman's family did not have the authority, under-appreciated, in the life, family relationships and kinship, belis for Lio ethnic has a value of sanctification and magical elements, therefore, both the giving and receiving, belis always done with a procession of traditional rituals.

Keywords: Belis Meaning as self-esteem, dignity and prestige and social status.