Possible Roles of Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in promoting sustainable Development in Nigeria

    Aminu A. S. Affiliation
    ; Chiroma M. A. Affiliation
    ; Shehu A. I. Affiliation
    ; Ojobo H. Affiliation
    ; Abdullahi A. Affiliation


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) continually plays a pivotal role in both developed and developing nations. However, there exist an imbalance of CSR choice implementation by several organization driven by of external versus intrafirm forces. Although government is at liberty to pass laws to encourage CSR, they lack the authority to enforce choice. This paper examines the sustainable developmental role of CSR, highlights the various challenges experienced and appraises CSR implemented in a bid to continually encourage the propagation of CSR in Nigeria. The results revealed that CSR implementation aids the eradication of several socio-economic trends plaguing Nigeria.