A framework for incorporating quality into low-cost housing projects in South Africa

    Zamokuhle Maoto Affiliation
    ; Zeleke Worku Affiliation


The South African constitution enshrines the right to “access adequate housing†to its citizens. However, over the years in the post-apartheid government a focus has been on quantitative low-cost housing delivery and less on the quality of these houses. Notwithstanding challenges that citizens encountered, limited research has been conducted on quality management practices in the South African low-cost housing industry. The purpose of this paper is to suggest a framework that could be applied in the industry and discuss how best quality practices could be implemented in the low-cost housing construction industry. A literature review was conducted on the application of quality in the construction of low-cost housing in South Africa. This was done through analysis of media reports, published articles, legal disputes and others. Although South Africa has established well-functioning quality management systems in other industries, low-cost housing has never been a focus. The primary emphasis is still on quantity and very limited on quality. Contractors perceive quality as a peripheral issue and afford less attention to its value. The framework in this study encapsulates policy issues, customer needs, strategy approaches and others.