M. DEEKSHITH KUMAR Affiliation


‘The way you appear is the way to recognize your destiny’ in the transition period, the nature of democracy is changing along with its principles. The concepts of ‘General Will’ (Rousseau) become declining within the sphere of democratic structure. Hence, the real politics needs to uphold the democratic principles practically in the society. In the modern age majority of the countries in the world denied to address equally the civil society groups regarding the functions of the several social aspects of the state.  The Popular Sovereignty is the factor to affect on the political welfares of the citizens to create ‘egalitarian’ society. Therefore the involvement of each citizen in socio-political affairs of the state is compulsory as well as it’s their duty. Mean while, the state tried to recognize the active social groups of the society which makes better administration and to bring stability in political environment.  The involvements of all social groups in the politics are the illustration for the good administration of a state but unfortunately, there are a few limitations which control the civil society in to the active political participation. The political behaviour of human being is changing by the circumstances where he involved and influenced by the political activities. However, among the several groups of civil society youth group are play a significant role in contemporary scenarios. The aspirations of youth in politics are determined to achieve the desired goals of the government as well as to the solutions of problems facing by youth.  Therefore ‘youth’ are facilitator to the success of ‘modern democracy’. 

         Youth are the active social partner today and their immense attitude towards the politics is different than the other groups of civil society. In contemporary period young generation identify the politics based on their opinions, ideas and reviews which brings the principles of democracy in real. Hence, the young people are facing number of problems in changing political environment that has continuously offers them in more number to prior participation in politics.

Keywords: General will, Popular Sovereignty, Egalitarian Society, Facilitator, Civil society, Collectivism